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Jun 1 09 10:28 PM

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I am incredibly busy atm. The posts i left for you are for you guys to work with. I am also working on articles for Fantasy Flight Games Warcraft Adventure Game. 3 have been posted so far at FFG's website.

I will be checking back from time to time. I hope to see progress on the stuff i left. I know it is 4th edition, and some of you don't want to deal with 4th. But truth be told I now have a lvl 23 character in a 4th edition DnD campaign. The fights and the way monsters and npc's are now, makes recreating the epic fights from WoW very easy now.

If you don't feel like buying 4th edition then just use the free adventure and rules to understand the game mechanics. Then "acquire/torrent" dungeon delves and you will quickly see how DnD 4th is perfect for recreating WoW RPG. I would have done it my self with my gaming store, but we learned it cost 5000 dollars to use any open gaming source for 4th.

Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

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Jun 2 09 9:56 PM

Well, I'll start playing my first D&D 4th campaign this weekend, once I have a firm grip on the rules, I'll see what I can do with the stuff you posted.

See ya,

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May 19 10 12:38 PM

I also think that 4e is MUCH better suited for a WoW P&P game. I am no particular friend of 4e, but to use 3x was an failure and I was absolutely baffled why people think this overcomplex game is of any appeal to anyone except some die-hard 3x fans. IMO the usage of this clunky complex rule monster was the main reason why the WoW rpg was no commercial success.

On one hand you have a very simple world, simple history and simple countries with not even a distance scale or various human cultures and on the other hand you use a game-engine like 3x for it? Thats irrational and also shows lack understanding what P&P roleplayers, especially if they are newbies coming over from WoW, are really needing.

What is also very disturbing is the lack of good (or even any) premade adventures. If one compares modern DnD adventures (and with this I mean 4e AND pathfinder with its perfect maps and grafics) with the nothingness of the WoW rpg, then he can only laugh.

Atm the game caters only to WoW lore fans and some die-hard 3x rule masters. Instead the WoW popularity combined with a good and easy beginners game engine would have alot of potential with hundreds of thousands of potential buyers. Its a shame that this is neglected.

The more I think about it (suboptimal game engine, lack of adventures etc.) the more I came to the conclusion that the WoW rpg has never been intended for play, but rather as almanachs for theory and lore.

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Aug 17 10 4:03 PM

When the (World of) WarCraft RPG was made, there was no 4th edition, so it was n't fail, but simply normal.

I guess if Blizzard hadn't pulled back the licence, there would have been more adventure, judging from the fact that most of the later books had at least one adventure in them.
Or perhaps they had miore faith in the GMs' ability to make their own adventures (just as in Shadowrun). Actually, that's the theory I prefer. - Lots of WoW d20 stuff and more

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Sep 3 10 10:05 AM

Well, I believe the license was more restrictive, and also, the market isn't as big. I hate to say it, but WotC has a pretty good lock on the d20 group. The resources simply weren't there.

I do think that the adventures we have are pretty good, though.

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