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New Alchemy:

Bombs: Alchemical Bombs are a combination of technological development and alchemical concoctions. Bombs are built as two separate components: The first one is the bomb (a grenade in most cases), and the second is the the alchemical concoction. Alchemical Bombs are designed to not deal any damage on detonation (thus having no Reflex DC), but to spread the alchemical product in its blast radius. The following entries refer to the alchemy component of bombs. The grenade component is handled as crafting a technological device. Crafting a bomb is handled as crafting a Masterwork item, the bomb is considered completed once both components have been crafted successfully.

Expert Alchemist

Brilliant Sun (aka Flash-bang): On detonation, all creatures within the blast radius must make a reflex saving throw, DC 15, or be blinded for 3 rounds
Alchemical Bomb; Craft (Alchemy) 8 ranks, Expert Alchemist; 160gp

Artisan Alchemist

King and Queen: On detonation, all creatures within the blast radius must make will saving throw, DC 20. Those who fail their savingh throw are shaken for 5 round
Alchemical Bomb; Craft (Alchemy) 13 ranks, Artisan Alchemist; 390gp

Dragon's Dream: On detonation, the blast radius is covered with a flammable gas for 3 rounds, during which, any fire effect within the radius detonates the gas dealing 6d6 fire damage to all creatures within the covered area in addition to the damage dealt by the igniting fire effect (example, a creature within the area is struck by a flaming arrow, he is dealt 6d6 fire damage in addition to the flaming arrow's damage).
Alchemical Bomb; Craft (Alchemy) 12 ranks, Artisan Alchemist; 360gp

Master Alchemist

Demon's Puffball: On detonation, all creatures must make a foritude saving throw, DC 25, or be poisoned (primary damage stun/secondary damage 1d6 sta)
Alchemical Bomb; Craft (Alchemy) 18 ranks, Master Alchemist; 640gp

Desert Storm: On detonation, all creatures must make a fortitude saving throw, DC 25, or be stunned for 3 rounds.
Alchemical Bomb; Craft (Alchemy) 20 ranks, Master Alchemist; 800gp

I made the bombs as two separate components so the tech part could be fully customized, like its blast radius, or maybe make them timed charges, or even mortars. I hope to make more bombs like this in the future, now that I'm all out of witcher bombs.

Any comments/suggestions are, as always, welcome.

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P.S: Next up: Epitaph of Twilight Legendary Weapons or Revised Dragon Whelp for each flight.