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Aug 29 09 9:56 PM

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Even though Cataclysm isn't out, I figured I could make an attempt at some worgen iconics. Who knows if they'll turn out like the story? I think they'll be pretty close, though.

Druid of the Scythe
Spending so much time as beasts has given the worgen of Gilneas an appreciation for the natural world. Under the tutelage of their night elf allies, who feel responsible in some part for their curse, the citizens of Gilneas have begun learning the path of the druid. These worgen have taken it upon themselves to restore the ancient order of the druids of the scythe, along with some of their night elf teachers. These defenders of nature take up tooth and claw to defend what is left of their land from the abhorrent undead that besiege them.

A druid of the scythe does not gain any of the normal druid inspirations or bonus feats at 5th and 10th levels. She gains the following class features as well as two additional inspirations at the appropriate levels:

1st Level – Wild Shape (Su): Worshippers of the ancient wolf demigod Goldrinn, druids of the scythe specialize like their other totemic brethren. Instead of the animals into which a normal druid can transform, druids of the scythe may transform into the following animals at the indicated levels:
• 1st Level: Wolf.
• 4th Level: Giant wolf.
• 8th Level: Dire wolf.
• 10th Level: Worg.
• 12th Level: Shadow wolf (dire wolf with spirit beast template).

1st Level – Animal Companion (Ex): Druids of the scythe are restricted to canine or lupine animal companions.

4th Level – Fierce Power (Ex): These druids take a more destructive approach to defeating their enemies than some druids, relying more on their damaging spells. The druid of the scythe gains the Spell Focus (evocation) feat.

5th Level – Roar (Sp): As the druid of the claw ability (Alliance Player’s Guide, p. 15).

8th Level – Lunar Aptitude (Ex): The druids of the scythe are in touch with the moon’s changes, and they have learned how to focus its destructive energies more easily. The druid of the scythe gains the benefit of the Spell Specialization feat whenever she casts Moonfire, Starfire, or any other similar spell.

12th Level – Greater Roar (Sp): As the druid of the claw ability.

12th Level – Fiercer Power (Ex): As Fierce Power, except that the druid of the scythe gains the Greater Spell Focus (evocation) feat.

15th Level – Strength of the Moon (Ex): The druids of the scythe have learned to harness their natural instincts in improving their attacks. Once per day per point of her Spirit modifier, a druid of the scythe may use a swift action to add her Spirit modifier as a circumstance bonus on attack and damage rolls.

16th Level – Greater Lunar Aptitude (Ex): A druid of the scythe with this ability has reached the peak of her power when channeling Elune’s might. The druid of the scythe gains the benefit of the Greater Spell Specialization feat whenever she casts Moonfire, Starfire, or any other similar spell.

Worgen Barbarian

Dark cries echo throughout Gilneas, terrifying the inhabitants of western Lordaeron. Village neighbors have now become the terrible creatures that prowled the night. Many of these poor souls have embraced their new forms, using their curse as a blessing to destroy those who would attack their proud homeland. In a savage fury, they hurl themselves into battle, their claws flying even faster as they enter a terrible barbaric rage.

The worgen barbarian does not gain proficiency with any armor or the indomitable will ability. Their damage reduction also works slightly differently. He gains the following class features at the appropriate levels:

1st Level – Feral Defense (Ex): Few enemies wish to approach an angry worgen. As long as he wears no armor, the worgen barbarian gains a +1 insight bonus to Armor Class. This bonus improves by +1 at 4th level and every three levels afterward.

7th Level – Truesilver Damage Reduction (Ex): The worgen gains DR 2/truesilver. This improves by +1 every three levels afterward. If the worgen barbarian already has DR/truesilver from another class (such as the fell ripper prestige class), the abilities stack for the purposes of determining total damage reduction.

14th Level – Frightful Presence (Ex): A raging worgen is a terrible thing to behold.Foes within 30 feet whenever the worgen barbarian goes into a rage become shaken for 5d6 rounds. Otherwise as the ability described in the Monster Guide, p. 190.

Worgen Hunter
As the worgen also have a tie to the moon and an extremely savage fighting nature, Worgen Hunters may at the GM’s option gain abilities identical to those of the Night Elf Hunter racial iconic class.

Worgen Runemaster

The Worgen Runemaster gives up her 1st-level simple rune as well as her rune feats at 5th and 10th level. She gains the following class features at the appropriate levels:

1st Level – Savage Attunement (Ex): The worgen runemaster gains the benefits of the Runic Attunement feat. She must choose the attunement benefit from either the Beast pattern or the Striking pattern to gain this ability.

5th Level – Uncanny Dodge (Ex): As the rogue ability.

9th Level – Locate Object (Sp): As the scout ability (as described in the core rulebook, p. 84).

10th Level – Improved Uncanny Dodge (Ex): As the rogue ability.

14th Level – Locate Creature (Sp): As the scout ability (as described in the core rulebook, p. 85).

Well, I enjoyed doing them, but I'm also glad that's done with. Now what?
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Aug 30 09 12:16 AM

All seem pretty nice. I'd only add a line to the abilities that give you spell focus evocationg and that is "If you aready possess the Spell Focus Evocation spell, add another +1 to the DCs of your evocation spells"

Why this? Most abilities in this game that give you the benefits of a feat, have a secondary ability in them, to further improve what you get. An example of this is the enhanced counterspell mage arcana, it basically gives you Improved Counterspell, but in addition to that you add your mage level to the counterspell check ( the spellcraft check to identify the spell)

Another thing, i'd change the wording for the features that give you spell specialization, I'd make it "...gains the Spell Specialization feat for x, y and z, even if he doesn't meet the prerequisites". It's kind of a standard wording when you gain a free feat through a class feature.

Hope this helps,
See ya,

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Aug 30 09 7:47 AM

Xelloss wrote:
Another thing, i'd change the wording for the features that give you spell specialization, I'd make it "...gains the Spell Specialization feat for x, y and z, even if he doesn't meet the prerequisites". It's kind of a standard wording when you gain a free feat through a class feature.

It is, but if you take this iconic class, you will have the prerequisites. There's no way not to qualify for them, so I didn't feel that was necessary.

And I kind of felt like the additional stuff (Roar, Greater Roar, Strength of the Moon, earlier Wild Shape) was enough that the relatively minor benefit of a feat at 4th and 12th levels was enough. The problem with boosting evocation too much is those spell specialization benefits here apply to multiple spells (that's the drawback with the spell specialization feat--a lot of investment to improve only one ability). I'm open to suggestions, but I don't know that making it improve evocation is a great idea, and I wanted the class to give the prereqs for the spell spec feats.

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Aug 30 09 9:27 PM

Hmm, you're right, with the class you automatically meet the prereqs. And maybe improving spell focus beyond what's already there (and with this class and my previous recommendation it would be +4 dc on evocation spells if you already have both feats) may not be the best idea, so sorry for the previous recommendation, I seem to be off my game hahahahaha

I re-read it, and one way you could improve the spell focus giving features, is that if your already have the feat, your caster level for evocation spells is considered as being one level higher. That, in general is good but not overly powerful, because most spells have a die limit, and the only thing improved would be range and/or duration.

The spell specialization-giving features are powerful, mainly because it applies to many spells at once. Considering the fact that you actually need to have metamagic feats for it to shine, reduces some of its power, making pretty nice hahahahaha. Something I'd do, but this is because I like this kind of thing, is that when you get the ability you choose ONE spell, then every couple of levels you choose another one, that way the amount of spells scales. Of course, the greater spell specialization feature would apply retroactively once you choose another spell.

By the way, the first of those features says Moonfire, Starfire and any other such spell. What others are there? Just to have a list.

With my new recommendation, if you already have spell focus evocation and greater spell focus evocation, then with both spell specialization and greater spell specialization your caster level for evocation spells would be
+2, and for those for which you have the spell specialization feats it would be +4. Seems high, but in the end, pretty low power, considering most evocation spells don't have long durations.

See ya,

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Aug 31 09 9:32 AM

There are only two others I noticed in the RPG, and one's not available to druids: Greater Moonfire and Starfall (which is a Mage / Priest / War domain spell). "Any such spell" does give the GM some leeway, but that's how I'd rule it--a damage-dealing evocation with "Star" or "Moon" in it. If anyone has another they'd like to bring to my attention, feel free.

Besides, I didn't know if EMM&M would have anything like that in it and wanted to leave it open...

The caster level increase might be all right. Evocation spells are powerful, but not so much as the other types of spells a druid can use. I'm not sure if this is actually in the rules for 3.5 anywhere, but some prestige classes give you specific feats, and I would rule (and had it ruled by my DM once when it was about to come up) that you'd just gain your choice of a feat if you already had it. For some reason I seem to remember that as a suggestion somewhere; I kind of doubt it made it to the FAQ. Does that sound familiar to anyone, or was it just a recommendation of the Wizards boards?

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#5 [url]

Aug 31 09 11:33 AM

Well, I looked through the books, and the only three spells that fit are:

Moonglaive (just because it has moon in its name)

Druids are more or less transmutation casters, evocation isn't their specialty. I'd add Wrath to this list and remove moonglaive. Three spells with automatic spell specialization and greater spell specialization is pretty good.

See ya,

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#6 [url]

Aug 31 09 10:30 PM

You could add Wrath if you wanted, but as written (and intended) I wouldn't allow it. Strictly Moonfire, Starfall, and Greater Moonfire as it stands. Why? Well, werewolves (even though Worgen aren't exactly werewolves) have that tie to the moon, and Warcraft does make some similar hints--it was the Scythe of Elune that summoned them. As they seem all set to be Druids, I figured my iconic could be Druids that focus a little more directly on Elune's power and might. It's not based off anything much more than traditional werewolf lore, but it seemed like something. I'll have to wait until Cataclysm comes out before I know if it seems right or not.

Moonglaive is right out as it really isn't similar to the other two spells, even if it has "Moon" in the name.

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Sep 15 10 10:19 PM

Double post, I know, but I modified the Worgen Druid slightly to be a Druid of the Scythe. Now technically no longer a worgen racial iconic, but I didn't feel it necessary to make a new post. I may also come up with a worgen rogue soon because I can.

New stuff is still progressing...occasionally.

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Jun 2 11 9:27 PM

Oh, hey, I had made this after all. It's been sitting a while. Triple post!

Worgen Rogue
Rogues are common throughout Azeroth, and the beastly worgen have begun learning how to make the most of their unique “gifts” when following the path. Padding through the shadows, the worgen rogue remains unseen until he explodes in a flurry of vicious claws.

The worgen rogue may choose from the following special abilities in addition to those normally available to rogues:

Bestial Cunning (Ex): Their curse makes the use of certain abilities difficult, but through extensive training the worgen rogue has learned how to overcome such challenges. The worgen rogue no longer suffers penalties to Disable Device, Open Lock, Sleight of Hand, and Use Technological Device checks while in his alternate form. In addition, he may use his claws as thieves’ tools when performing Disable Device and Open Lock checks.

Lycan’s Madness (Su)
: The worgen rogue has learned to touch his enemies with a bit of madness, unleashing a small part of the beast within. An opponent damaged by one of his backstabs also takes 2 points of Spirit damage. Ability points lost to damage return on their own at the rate of 1 point per day. The worgen rogue may use this ability once per day for every three class levels.

Night Terror (Ex): The worgen rogue uses the shadows to his advantage, making use of his nocturnal affinities. At night, the worgen rogue may move up to 20 feet per round while using his stalk ability. Additionally, he adds +2 to any Stealth checks he makes at night to avoid detection. Pre-requisite: Stalk.

Rend (Ex): The worgen’s beast knows how to slash and tear flesh, dealing even greater damage to his foes. Whenever the worgen successfully deals damage with two different weapons (including two claw attacks) in the same round, he deals additional damage equal to his off-hand weapon’s damage die plus half his Strength modifier.

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#9 [url]

Jun 24 11 8:30 PM

It's very good, but, on Bestial Cunning, i don't think you should erase any weakness the race has as a natural trait, since that is what make a worgen be like a worgen.

I hope you understand what i mean.

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#10 [url]

Jun 27 11 9:24 AM

Ruddy! Where you been?'s the main benefit of the ability. I figure it helps a worgen rogue be more rogue-like, which is automatically harder for him than other races.

Have an idea for something a worgen rogue might use, then?

Thanks for the input.

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#11 [url]

Jun 27 11 7:57 PM

Well there was some time that i didn't post anything, but that was because i was not playing the game at all. I guess you missed my grammar errors, right?

About Bestial Cunning, it's a matter of opnion, you think that the trainning removes the weakness, while i think the rogue has to deal with it.

Well i have nothing to add to your iconic, you pretty much nailed it.

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