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Oct 5 09 6:25 PM

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Seeing as how White Wolf dropped the line, I dont really see any harm in sharing the old PDFs.

So if anyone has/needs PDF versions of the books, post it here and we can try to get it out to you somehow.

I have:
Core Book

And several supplements:
Conversion Doc
Tech Primer
Monster Guide (animals mostly)

I need:
Monsters Guide (new)

Do you think that sharing the RPG books in PDF is ok? (Result)

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#1 [url]

Oct 5 09 9:46 PM

I'm not sure about if we can share or not, but if it is allowed, I have:

Alliance Player's Guide*
Alliance and Horde Compendium
Lands of Mystery*
Lands of Conflict
Magic and Mayhem
More Magic and Mayhem*
Manual of Monsters
Shadows and Light
Warcraft RPG (1st Edition)
World of Warcraft RPG (2nd Edition)*

*I actually own all 2nd Edition books in physical form as well.

Supplements / Extras
Bones of Ironforge
Conversion Document
Lands of Mystery Bonus Files + Lands of Mystery Errata
Printable Character Sheet
Scourge Racial Class (fan made? I can't remember where I got it)
Monster Guide Extras

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#2 [url]

Oct 6 09 7:24 PM

Aren't they still available at DriveThru, though?

I don't know. Someone who's more knowledgeable about legal issues might want to step in, but it seems it'd be profiting from someone else's intellectual property. Someone should have some rights to that stuff, right?

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#4 [url]

Oct 10 09 3:00 PM

I have all the official books and most fan pdfs, but I think as long as they are still on sale on Drivethru, we're not legally allowed to share them. And as they still are , we still have to wait. - Lots of WoW d20 stuff and more

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#6 [url]

Mar 10 10 7:50 PM

Per copyright law, the buyer can do with his property however he pleases. That being said:

Drivethru is still selling PDFs for the World of Warcraft RPG. I think all the profits go to Blizzard now.

* Lands of Mystery
* More Magic and Mayhem (which I have a hard copy, by the way. Nope, I won't sell it. )
* World of Warcraft RPG
* World of Warcraft Monster Guide
* Dark Factions
* Alliance Player's Guide
* Horde Player's Guide

And the Warcraft RPG books.

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#7 [url]

Apr 12 10 5:17 AM

Due to a recent clusterf*ck on my computer I lost most of my pdf's and am down to the following;

Shadows and Light
Wold of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game(2nd edition corebook)
More Magic and Mayhm
Alliance Player's Guide
Horde Player's Guide
Dark Factions.

So what I need back is Alliance and Horde Compendium, Lans of Mystery, Lands of Conflict, Magic and Mayhem, Manual of Monsters, and the Monster Guide. I'm most interested in getting Magic and Mayhem and Manual of Monsters back, plus I'm still wanting the first edition corebook.

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#8 [url]

Jan 23 14 4:24 AM

Most likely the files are already out there being shared.  So there is no need to risk any legal action against yourself.

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