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Built as the fortress of Blackhand the Destroyer, the first warchief of the Horde, Hellfire Citadel dwarfs the other fortifications of Hellfire Peninsula. The slaughter of the draenei was executed from this citadel, the orcish hordes moving to raze Shattrath and other strongholds of the exiled ones. Thought to have been abandoned after the warping of Draenor, Hellfire Citadel was recently retaken by the Fel Horde under the direction of its new warchief. As ordered by Illidan Stormrage, Kargath Bladefist and the Shattered Hand have imprisoned the pit lord Magtheridon underneath the citadel and use his blood to empower their warriors.

Population: 3,000 (90% fel orc, 10% demon)
Affiliation: Illidari

Kargath Bladefist, Warchief of the Fel Horde
After the Alliance of Lordaeron pushed back Doomhammer's Horde, the Bleeding Hollow Clan returned to Draenor to recruit their brethren who were left behind. Among the new chieftains gathered by the elder shaman Ner'zhul was the venerable Kargath Bladefist of the Shattered Hand Clan. Named for their practice of self-mutilation, the grunts of the Shattered Hand formed a devout core of warriors in this new Horde of Draenor. Kargath himself was one of the original members of Gul'dan's Shadow Council, and he hoped to avenge the fallen warriors of the first Horde in battle with the Alliance. Left to defend Hellfire Citadel against the army at Honor Hold, the chieftain retreated to Nagrand after the Alliance breached its walls. With too few warriors left to affect the war, Kargath was forced to wait for a chance to strike back.

The arrival of Magtheridon in Outland gave Kargath a chance. The pit lord empowered many of the surviving orcs with his blood, allowing the Shattered Hand to retake the citadel. Magtheridon even took a few of the orcs as commanders in the Black Temple, which he made his headquarters. Kargath was given command of Hellfire Citadel. After Magtheridon's defeat at Illidan's hands, the situation changed little for the chieftain. Illidan imprisoned the pit lord under Kargath's fortress but appointed the old chieftain as Warchief of the surviving orcs on Draenor. Kargath continues to supply Illidan with the demon's blood, keeping the fel orcs on Draenor powerful and battle-ready. With the re-opening of the Dark Portal, it remains to be seen whether the Alliance or Horde will be able to tolerate his continued command of the powerful Hellfire Citadel.

Grand Warlock Nethekurse, Torturer of the Shattered Halls (Warlock 21/Fel-sworn 1/Assassin 2)
The Shattered Hand clan on Draenor never gave up demon worship like many of Thrall's Horde. Despite the depletion of their numbers during the First and Second Wars and Doomhammer's purge, the Shadow Council could never be completely eradicated as long as new recruits were willing to swear their lives to the Legion's service. Grand Warlock Nethekurse, the newest leader of the reconstituted Shadow Council in Hellfire Citadel, is a more recent recruit to the Fel Horde. He joined Kargath after his defeat at the Alliance's hands and rose through the orcish ranks during their service to Magtheridon's short-lived lordship. After Illidan came, Nethekurse became a strong supporter of the kaldorei sorcerer. Here was a mortal who knew how to take power from demons and could lead the Horde back to its old glory.

Nethekurse is a younger orc, untempered by the defeats of the Horde's past. He is a cruel leader and has a passion for pain: Kargath has therefore appointed him as chief torturer, where he has gained insight into more physical methods of hurting others. He is reckless with his students, caring little for the lives of those who come under his instruction. He frequently stalks the halls of Hellfire Citadel with Blood Guard Porung by his side, reprimanding lesser orcs for perceived mistakes. He is, nevertheless, in charge of the Fel Horde's growing warlocks and sorcerers and an important, if haughty, commander. His arrogance may prove to be his undoing as both Horde and Alliance renew their campaigns on Outland.

Keli'dan the Breaker, Warden of the Fel Horde (Warlock 18/Fel-sworn 3)
After Illidan defeated Magtheridon, the Betrayer knew that keeping such a powerful demon alive would have its uses. The orcs of Draenor had already displayed a predilection for imbibing demon blood, and with the aid of Nethekurse and the other survivors of the old Shadow Council Illidan constructed a magical prison. There Keli'dan and the other acolytes of the Fel Horde keep the pit lord restrained, maintaining the arcane barriers that hold him still while his blood is used to strengthen the Fel Horde's warriors.

The orcs' numbers have declined since the shattering of Draenor, so Keli'dan occupies a vital role in the Illidari's efforts to control Outland. Like the warlocks of old, he schemes to replace his superior, the Grand Warlock Nethekurse. Nethekurse's disrespect for would-be recruits bothers the Breaker's twisted but acute sense of justice. Keli'dan knows that the Fel Horde cannot afford to throw away lives so frivolously. To this end he has deeply imbibed of the demon's blood, increasing his power for the price of insanity and addiction. He also resents many other of his comrades for their relative freedom; with such an important charge, Keli'dan is as much a prisoner as the pit lord and rarely leaves the citadel's walls.