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I may have posted him on the old boards (I think I did), but here's an old NPC I've had for a while. The planned adventure with him never took off, but I figured I'd post the stats.

Also: kudos to me for inconsistent formats!

Aiden Brightblade
High Elven Paladin 8, Leader of Silver Hope community

A tall high elf, his eyes a brilliant blue, approaches you with a calm expression. Unlike many of his weakened race, he carries himself with a proud strength, striding easily in his bright plate armor. Surprisingly, his sheath holds only a small carpenter’s axe where a larger one should be.

STR 13 (15)
AGI 10 REF +2
STA 10 FORT +6
INT 12
SPT 14 WILL +5
CHA 16 (1

HP: 44
AC: 24 (+4 +2 heavy steel shield, +10 +2 full plate armor)

Full Attack: +2 handaxe +12 melee (1d6+4, x3) and +7 melee

Craft (carpentry) +4 (3 ranks), Diplomacy +11 (7 ranks), Heal +6 (4 ranks), Knowledge (military tactics) +12 (11 ranks), Sense Motive +10 (8 ranks)

Magic Energy Control – Aiden has sought the Holy Light for help with his magic addiction. As a result, he has learned to control the stresses of arcane withdrawal.
Careful Strike – Aiden has learned to use his wisdom in spotting enemies’ weak points. By studying their defenses, he can make a more powerful strike.
Challenging Shout – Aiden is very protective of his people, and so he has learned to attract his enemies’ attention. In battle, he will attempt to hold off any threats while the villagers of Silver Hope escape.

1st – Lesser Restoration, Shield of Faith
2nd – Eagle’s Splendor

Class Abilities:
Aura of Good, Detect Undead, Holy Strike 2/day, Divine Grace, Activate Aura 2/day—Aura of Might, Devotion Aura—Divine Health, Lay on Hands, Turn Undead, Crusader Strike, Fist of Justice

Gauntlets of Ogre Strength, Cloak of Charisma +2, Phylactery of Faithfulness

Once a minor champion stationed in Lordaeron, Aiden Brightblade saw the early work of the Scourge’s plague when he worked in the land’s northern districts. He was among the paladins shepherding refugees south when Arthas began his campaign against the Scourge. Brightblade was at Uther’s side when the Lightbringer saved Hearthglen, but he left with Uther before the brutal culling of Stratholme.

Downtrodden, he hoped to find comfort farther south. When Lady Proudmoore called for volunteers to sail west, he joined her company that left for Kalimdor. Unlike many of the Alliance there, he saw little action during the latter parts of the Third War. Instead, Brightblade served within a scout brigade exploring Dustwallow Marsh for suitable settlements. After the battle at Mount Hyjal and the return of the Alliance army, he returned to the coast to help build Theramore.

After a while, a group of Lordaeron exiles, tired of the crowded island, asked him to lead settlers to new locations on the mainland. He agreed and began new mission of charity. With the Silver Hand scattered and leaderless, he has dedicated his life to helping the refugees of the Eastern Kingdoms rebuild and resettle in a new land. The problems of his people in Quel’Thalas still haunt him, but he believes that the Blood Elves have gone too far in satisfying their lust for magic. He stays informed of the High Elves’ situation in Theramore, but he has found a new purpose in the carpenter’s axe and is glad of it.