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May 31 10 7:42 PM

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I'm in the process of making a huge map of Kalimdor. Spanning twelve sheets of hex graph paper, with each hex being 30 miles and a sheet being 25 x 30 hexes. This leaves me with a lot of empty space to work with, but it's also hard to figure out where to put everything, how big to make certain places, ect. For instance, right now Theramore is 540 miles from Ogrimmar. Thus it would take about 23 days to walk there. Also, Durotar it's self is about 240 miles long. Is Theramore supposed to be that far away? Also I'm not sure whether the Thousand Needles should be closer to Tanaris or Mulgore. Mulgore, you see, is on the top of the second row of paper and Tanaris is at the bottom. It's supposed to be close to both zones. So how should I deal with these problems?
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Jun 3 10 10:40 AM

Well, how did you decide on this scale? I'm just curious. 540 miles seems excessive if you're measuring it by straight-line distance, but the scale of Azeroth is a bit...odd, to say the least. Can you give some more information about how/why you started this project and what measuring assumptions you're making?

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Jun 3 10 11:15 AM

I compared it too real world continents, for instance Africa is 3000 miles across at it's widest point. On my map Kalimdor is not nearly that wide, a bit more than half of that, but is a bit taller than Africa.

As for why I started this project, I wanted to have an exploration-based campaign in Kalimdor. So I figured I should map it out. I wanted a lot of unexplored areas that haven't appeared in the games yet.

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Jun 3 10 1:49 PM

'kay. If you're wanting it to be "real-world" based, that sounds all right.

I'm not sure I understand about your Thousand Needles thing. It's closer to Tanaris (they actually connect) but not exactly distant from Mulgore. Mulgore's just pretty well enclosed (like all WoW zones, really). What are you asking about there?

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Jun 3 10 4:32 PM


That might give you some idea of the problem. See how far apart Feralas, the Barrens and Tanaris are? Well the Thousand Needles are supposed to connect to all of them.

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Jun 4 10 10:05 PM hooks up with the east end of Feralas, which should extend a decent way into the continent, and connects the Barrens with Tanaris. Is there something I'm missing about the map? Do you need to make Feralas wider? I guess I'm just not sure what the problem is, exactly.

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Jun 4 10 10:09 PM

You do realize that would make the Thousand Needles thousands of miles long right? And that's not the biggest problem. Either it would be near either the Barrens or Tanaris, or it would be hundreds of miles wide.

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Jun 5 10 11:34 PM

But that's how the map goes. Unless you're wanting to just invent new regions that border those places, you're pretty well stuck with that.

I'd say the area should be reasonably narrow, so you might need to make Tanaris/Feralas/the Barrens bigger, but yeah, you pretty much have to make them connect like they do in the lore, don't you?

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