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Paladin (using Even More Magic & Mayhem paladin variant)

Alignment: Any good or lawful.
Saving throws: Good: Fortitude; Weak: Reflex, Will.
Auras: The paladin begins with Aura of might and gains Devotion aura at 6th level, Retribution aura at 8th, Healing aura at 10th, Resistance aura at 12th, Holy aura at 14th and Spirit aura at 16th.
Aura of might: The paladin and her allies receive a +1 holy bonus on damage rolls equal to the paladin’s Charisma bonus (minimum +1).
Devotion aura: as in EMM&M
Retribution aura: as in EMM&M
Healing aura: The paladin and her allies gain equal to half the paladin’s Charisma bonus (rounded down; minimum +1).
Resistance aura: The paladin and her allies receive resistance to a specific energy type equal to the paladin’s Charisma bonus multiplied by 5 (minimum 5 points). The paladin chooses the specific energy type to be resisted (acid, cold, electricity, fel, fire, force, sonic) when activating the aura; each separate energy type is a different aura and must be activated separately.
Holy aura: The paladin and her allies are treated as if they were under protection from evil spell. They also gain Spell resistance 10 + the paladin’s level + his Charisma bonus against spells with [evil] descriptor and spells cast by evil creatures.
Spirit aura: Whenever the paladin or one of her allies casts a divine spell while within the aura, the paladin makes a Spirit check (DC 10 + twice the spell’s level). If successful, the paladin or the ally casts the spell, but the spell slot is not expended. A natural roll of 5 or less on this check always fails.
Special mount: The paladin does not gain a special mount.
Remove disease: The paladin does not gain weekly uses of Remove disease.

Designer’s note:
First of all, I very much like the spellcasting paladin – it is much closer to WoW than the usual DnD-like paladin with almost no spellcasting ability. Auras are also important to paladins (in my opinion) since it is them that really differentiate the Warcraft paladins from the holy knights of all other worlds... And yes, I made all these changes to make the paladin less similar to the DnD one. I mean, when do they cure diseases in WoW? Or even novels? And if they do, they have access to 6 spell levels – they can even raise dead through spells, so why give them weekly uses of remove disease? And special mount... do they really need it? If a paladin wants a special mount, I’ll say he should take a few levels in Mounted Warrior prestige class.
I didn’t like that the updated paladin in EMM&M had only 4 auras, so I decided to add auras from WoWRPG and tweak them a little (mainly, making them dependant on the paladin’s Charisma modifier). I also added a new aura, or rather, heavily modified Resistance aura from the original paladin. Holy Aura pretty much imitates the Holy Aura spell. It is gained one level before other could cast it and it can work constantly, so I weakened it by essentially making it a Magic Circle against Evil with the added benefit of Spell Resistance that applies only against spells cast by evil creatures/characters.

What do you think?