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The Elementalist is a Mage variant class located in the Dark Factions sourcebook with a particularly unique feature. Like Mages, they can learn and cast general Arcanist spells. However, they lose access to the Mage spell list to instead have their own personal "Elemenalist" spell list - these variant Arcanists can learn and cast any spell, Arcanist or Healer, that has the Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Cold or Electricity descriptor. However, there's no official listup of the spells that an Elementalist can cast.

So, in the interest of saving folks having to flip through the Corebook, More Magic & Mayhem, Alliance Player's Guide, Horde Player's Guide or Dark Factions, I thought I'd step up and create a list of spells by spell level that an Elementalist can learn.

Codes used
WoW - World of Warcraft The RPG
MM&M - More Magic & Mayhem
APG - Alliance Player's Guide
HPG - Horde Player's Guide
DF - Dark Factions

Level 1:
Burning Hands (WoW)
Summon Nature's Ally I (Creatures with an Elemental type only)
Crushing Wave (APG)
Earth Shock (MM&M)
Lesser Immolate (MM&M)
Lesser Lightning Strike (MM&M)

Level 2:
Flaming Sphere (WoW)
Summon Nature's Ally II (Creatures with an Elemental type only)
Lesser Firebolt (MM&M)
Flame Shock (MM&M)
Lesser Frost Shock (MM&M)
Gust of Wind (MM&M)
Lesser Searing Pain (MM&M)

Level 3:
Blizzard (WoW)
Frost Nova (WoW)
Frostbolt (WoW)
Serpent Ward (WoW)
Summon Nature's Ally III (Creatures with an Elemental type only)
Cyclone (APG)
Call Lightning (HPG)
Lightning Strike (MM&M)
Scorch (MM&M)
Searing Pain (MM&M)

Level 4:
Blazing Column (WoW)
Control Water (WoW)
Immolation (WoW)
Lightning Shield (WoW)
Rain of Fire (WoW)*
Summon Nature's Ally IV (Creatures with an Elemental type only)
Firebolt (MM&M)
Fire Nova Totem (MM&M)
Frost Shock (MM&M)

Level 5:
Cone of Cold (WoW)
Fire Shield (WoW)
Rain of Fire (WoW)*
Summon Nature's Ally V (Creatures with an Elemental type only)
Earth Strike (MM&M)
Greater Gust of Wind (MM&M)
Immolate (MM&M)
Greater Lightning Strike (MM&M)
Greater Searing Pain (MM&M)

Level 6:
Chain Lightning (WoW)
Move Earth (WoW)
Summon Nature's Ally VII (Creatures with an Elemental type only)
Blast Wave (MM&M)
Greater Firebolt (MM&M)
Fire Blast (MM&M)
Greater Frost Shock (MM&M)
Hurricane (MM&M)
Ice Barrier (MM&M)

Level 7:
Earthquake (WoW)
Summon Nature's Ally VII (Creatures with an Elemental type only)
Conflagrate (MM&M)

Level 8:
Fire Storm (WoW)
Polar Ray (WoW)
Summon Nature's Ally VIII (Creatures with an Elemental type only)
Whirlwind (WoW)
Incendiary Wave (DF)
Hellfire (MM&M)
Magma Totem (MM&M)
Pyroblast (MM&M)

Level 9:
Elemental Swarm (WoW)
Summon Nature's Ally IX (Creatures with an Elemental type only)
Frostbite (MM&M)
Greater Immolate (MM&M)

* Rain of Fuire is a 4th level spell for Mages and Warlocks, but a 5th level spell for Priests of the Destruction Domain, so I was unsure of where to put it.
** A couple of spells that looked like they might be elemental (Endure Elements, Waterbreathing, Frost Armor, Water Walking and Windfury Weapon, for example) were left out of this left because they don't have the elemental keyword. In fact, Frost Armor has the Force keyword. Still, that seems a bit of a mistake to me.