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Jan 10 13 6:23 PM

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Hello everybody, I plan on running a WoW D&D game for my friends and I have a few of the books already. However as I was looking through one of the monster books I noticed something annoying. There was an entry for Blood Elves, which you could take racial levels. However, the racial levels are detailed in a "future supplement." Its my understanding that the books are no longer printed or sold on one website. Is there anyway I can get a link that has all the PDF books and supplements, or at least a list so I can hunt down what I need? I have like 12.6 gb of D&D books, but only 7 or so PDFs for WoW D&D, so things are a bit lacking for my taste.

Tl;dr I need either a download for the WoW RPG PDFs, or a list, if possible.

Cheers, Illidan is a better hero than Arthas.
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Jan 13 13 6:34 AM

For the blood elf problem, try looking at this one:

For lists, visit:


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