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Feb 25 14 4:58 AM

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I want to run a Horde Campaign that takes place right after the death of Admiral Proudmore.  Orgrimar has massive shanty towns surrounding it and Duratar is sparsley settled.  It is the goal of this campaign for the characters to build up their own little fiefdom in this rugged land. 

I live in las vegas so I am in pacific mountain time.  I will be using Google+ hangout to run the game sessions.  I may also use the Warcraft 3 map editor for players to kind of layout their kingdom.  Or I will just send everyone maps with a number and lettered grid so we can all have a good idea of what is going down and where our pieces are at on the board.  I will be using pathfinder's ultimate campaign rules combined with the community levels given in the wow rpg book.  But don't think the game will be a giant city builder most of the game time will be spent going on adventures and every so often you will need to summon your army to do battle with the enemies of the Horde.

I need at least four people to start the game but I am willing to play with six.  I highly doubt I will get any more but if I do i will find a way to include them in the overall campaign even if I have to run some side campaign because lets face it a kingdom can be quite large and threats can be numerous.
Once I have four slots filled I will begin character generation.  You will roll your stats on a dice roller app associated with Google+ hangout the infamous "Bones" app.  I will also present my house rules for crafting tech devices, as well as few others that are mostly for flavor and help healers do things other than healing.  I would like to stick with stuff mostly from the books however if you insist i will review and consider fan made material (I just want see some of the stuff that is already there in action.)

If I have given up on the campaign due to lack of players I will say so here.
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Feb 25 14 5:35 AM

Might I suggest trying as a medium for running your game, they already have pretty much everything set up to run games online, also check out Pathfinder: Kingmaker campaign.

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Apr 20 14 4:01 PM

Sorry to hear this did not work out.

I would second Xander212's recommendation of using Roll20. I don't recall if they have their own community over there, but it is worth taking a look. If you can pick up one or two newbies to bring to Warcraft RPG that would be great.

I've got a suggestion, if you do ever try to have another go at this, you have the ability to add a forum signature. (Now this community is in Yuku, you can actually use a signature here and in other Yuku communities.) I think they let you make two or three signatures. I've got one WoW: RPG signature and one Ghostwalk signature (which I use at the Okay Your Turn forum). Anyhoo, if you make a signature and include a link to the forum thread where you are trying to arrange the game, that signature will appear in all your posts and help point people at your thread.

It is no guarantee - you already know the community is quiet - but it might increase your chances a bit.

You might also want to consider what words you put into the title of your topic. I didn't realise that "Building a Kingdom" was going to be about recruiting players for online play.

You might also be able to cross-posts links to your thread from other forums.

Good luck!

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