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May 12 14 3:37 AM

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Is there an editable character sheet for WoW RPG?
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Jun 11 14 1:19 AM

Omnius wrote:
Is there an editable character sheet for WoW RPG?

Hi Omnius. Welcome to Xander212's World of Warcraft forums.

I did hunt down World of Warcraft links a while back, but the only character sheet I could find was the official WoW: RPG sheet archived on RPG Sheets. Is that any use to you?

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Mar 25 15 2:53 PM

I don't know if it is still of interest, but I created an Excel Character sheet... It's not finished yet, but it is a start.
If you're interested, leave me a message and I'll send it over!

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Apr 25 15 3:04 PM

Icycube wrote:
I don't know if it is still of interest, but I created an Excel Character sheet... It's not finished yet, but it is a start.
If you're interested, leave me a message and I'll send it over!

Welcome to Xander212's World of Warcraft forums, Icycube.

There is definitely demand for this sort of thing. Over at the Facebook community for World of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game, someone, called Jefferey, was asking if one existed back on the 10th of February.

Would you be able to put it somewhere, permanently online, so I could add it to my collection of World of Warcraft Websites and Free Downloads?

Last Edited By: Big Mac Apr 25 15 3:08 PM. Edited 1 time.

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Aug 8 15 6:01 PM

Icycube wrote:
Hi and sorry for my late answer.
I honestly didn't expect any reaction here as the forum seemed somewhat... unused. ;-)

It does get quiet here sometimes. From what I understand, the forum that pre-dated this one, got shut down without any notice (so some of the fanbase didn't get told they could come here). Then the URL of this forum got changed a couple of times, without the members getting notified. That sort of stuff can set back an online community. But there are still people here. I think what this place needs is some people to springboard a few conversations. When nobody starts a topic (or bumps a topic) people tend to wait a while before checking back. If the forum got more active, all the people still here would check back more often.

Icycube wrote:
Anyway, I'm no expert in putting files online. Would my Dropbox be sufficient for that? If not, I could send it via email if that helps?

Edit: here's the link to the Dropbox Folder where I put it:

Thanks Icycube.

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#7 [url]

Aug 9 15 2:29 AM

You're welcome!
I hope my file will be of use.
I tried to create sort of an automated character sheet, but it still needs quite a lot of work...
If anyone needs some clarifications on how to use it, just leave a message.
Any advice for improvements or errors are welcome, too!

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#8 [url]

Aug 9 15 11:21 PM

Hey there, big thanks for your character sheet! It's really fab, a lot of work clearly gone into that.

Witch Doctor seems to have a few issues where a lot of the cells seem to be getting a Classes! kind of response instead of a value. Also I think it's calculating character skill points incorrectly. Currently rolloing a witch doctor, and at level 1 with an int mod of +2, I should have 24 starting skill points ((4+2)*4), but it's saying "__ out of 16" instead.

I may well have done something wrong too, and if that's the case then sorry for bothering you! Thanks again for the sheet :3

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#9 [url]

Aug 10 15 1:01 PM

Hi Inixon!
Thanks for the compliments, it's much appreciated. :-)
You're right, I forgot to add the Int bonus to Skill point calculation.
I adjusted the formula and updated the file!

Thanks again and I hope my work will be put to good use. :-)


If you get error messages when selecting a specific class, check the spelling with the one I used on the Classes-Sheet (line 2).
I'm still trying to find sort of a drop-down menu to select Races and classes from, in order to eliminate that source of errors.


Last Edited By: Icycube Aug 10 15 1:05 PM. Edited 1 time.

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#10 [url]

Aug 12 15 6:57 AM

I'm definitely spelling Witch Doctor as you do, and still cells AL10 and AH36 come up with a sort of "Classes!%&*$" kind of thing aha. It's the same for all the classes on the class page, where it says spell cast list. I'm now guessing it's a reference to that class' spell list, but I can't figure out where it's referring to. This is far more in depth than anything I've created as a spreadsheet so sorry if I'm being really dumb!

I added "=IF(E4="Forsaken";0;____)" to the stamina score and mod cells (E+F13) to account for Forsaken having no stamina score, it seems to work fine for me. Before if I put in 0 for stamina, it would calculate a -5 mod for me and I'd have 3 hit points to start with haha, (which was very confusing as I had no idea how hit dice worked at the time, me being noob).

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#11 [url]

Aug 18 15 2:26 PM

Oh, that is no mistake, those two cells show the source of calculation for the spells/day-calculation. Those are used in other formulas as indirect references.
But if there are no error values in the sheet on the left, everything's fine! :-)

I see the problem with hit point calculation and Forsaken characters, and encountered another problem with the Toughness trait.
The formula I used is also based on my house rule that you do not roll your hit points for each level but instead gain your maximum hit die when advancing.
AFAIK, only on the first level you gain your full hit die, but afterwards, you roll how many HP you gain.
Anyway, I'll put the whole HP-section on my "still to do" list...

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