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#81 [url]

Jun 11 17 5:53 AM

The Boulder saves Arlin from Orcish firearms as he ducks for cover. Duncan and Edgar break there cover and run from there hiding spot past the magic Gnome with Duncan diving forward and Edgar slipping in the mud and landing rite next to Nelmara.

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#82 [url]

Jun 11 17 9:28 AM

Back to Arlin as the Dragonmaw orcs gather for retaliation. One Orc dead, another unconcious, an engaged and shot Medium Ogre roaring outfront, an Orc Huntress trying to pepper aforementioned Elf Scout woth Longshot fire as her wolf howls, three Orc Grunts gather for a charge, one peon hustling about to aND fro as the Orc Sargeant at Arms roars out his discontent at his underlings being caught off guard.

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#83 [url]

Jun 12 17 12:26 AM

I will cross to the other side of the boulder that I am hiding behind and aim an arrow at the huntress. 21 to hit and 4 points of damage if a hit. Following the shot, I quickly spin back into cover behind the boulder. Once behind the boulder I look to Kurgan and say "Can you bring down that ogre?"

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#84 [url]

Jun 12 17 10:58 AM

Rather than a traditional reply Kurgan grins ands reaches into his pouch to grab a vile and tosses it at the ogres feet. You bare witness to the Ogre catch a blaze as Alchemist fire consumes him and causes the ogre to loose all sense of brovado as he falls to the ground and rolls around but dies of his woumds.before the flames are put out. Kurgan then looks back, "Ha! Tale that ya oversized mungle! That ya meant lady?"

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#86 [url]

Jun 13 17 3:37 AM

Yes your arrow lodged I to the side of the Hu tress, who now sends her wolf charging you and Kurgan along with 3 Orc Grunts armed with oversized axes and blades. The Peon behind them throws a bucket of water at the flaming corpse of the ogre just as the Orcs get to charge through it. As the first Orc makes it in close to Arlin he gets his attack of Opportunity, but now before Nelmara goes again.

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#87 [url]

Jun 13 17 6:09 AM

Nelmara looks over at Edgar after he slipped in the mud, ignoring the enemies, she quickly asks if he is alright but after the actions of the blaze of fire going off, her attention turned back to the encampment. (I'm assuming the 3 Orcs are charging at Arlin and Kurgan now before my attack). She sees the 3 Orc guards and moves into a position where she is still at a little closer to the camp but still behind her allies at an angle to continue throwing her spells without the worry of friendly-fire. She conjures up yet another orb of acidic magic towards the Orcs. (3 splash damage) Her facial expression looking aroused after casting the spell.

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#88 [url]

Jun 13 17 8:10 AM

From the mud Edgar gives a thumbs up and rises, glad that his comrads in arms are further ahead to not have witnessed it but still embarrassed. The magic globules of Acid sail overhead Arlin, Kurgan and Duncan as they splash into two of the charging Orcs, who both fail a reflex save at 7 and take full damage. Duncan however reaches his allies upfront and is poised to counter charge the third Orc, a large female with a shield and mace raised to strike, Kurgan for goes reloading again and raises his bayonet to stab the first Orc that gets close enough.
Waiting on Arlin attack of Opportunity before the orcs can strike.

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#91 [url]

Jun 14 17 7:12 AM

That is a shame then now the Orc Grunt rolls to attack Arlin and hits with a 22(13 roll +7 melee and +2 on the charge) and deals 13 slashing and peircing damage as he scores a viscious hit(rolled a d12 got a 10 +3 for Str Mod) for 13 damage(ouch!) to Arlins left arm and almost hits deep enough to strike bone but came up just short. Kurgan attempts to counter but rolls a 1, overextending and leaving himself open as the She-Orc Grunt luckily misses while thinking this Dwarf is some sort of close combat master(rolled a 13 with a 6 +7 to hit). Duncan slides in and Counter-Charges with a 17 to hit impaling the third Grunt with his 2nd War Broadsword for 14 piercing damage. Causing the Orc Grunt to Howl but not enough to stop his advance as he strikes at Duncan and pierces his Plate Amor with a 24 to hit(rolled 17 +7) and dealing 8 Percing Damage to the Grizzled Vet wgo hisses in pain but doesnt relent. The Orc Huntress from the rear hisses as well with her line of sight blocked by the Grunts she sends her wolf into battle. 
Arlin can hear the Orc Huntress give commands to her pet, "Ignore thier warriors and rip apart the magic spitting weakling and the mud covered fool!" 

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#92 [url]

Jun 14 17 9:56 AM

Arlin will drop his bow as he gasps and in pain and grabs right arm. yet he quickly reasserts himself and draws his sword. Entering a defensive stance again to guard himself Arlin will take a step back and draw a potion from his belt pouch. pulling the cork out with his teeth he will chug it down to heal 6 points of damage. (I started the total defense action as well, which gives me a +4 to my melee AC but prevents any attacks.) After I drink the potion I will shout out to Nelmara "Look out for the wolf! Its headed straight for you!"

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#93 [url]

Jun 15 17 8:01 AM

Nelmara turned her attention towards Alrin then nodded quickly as she looked over at Edgar and started to move behind him, laying her hand on his side while casting a touch spell of Resistance (+1 on Saving Throws for 1 minute.) She then turns facing the direction of the threat as she reaches for her crossbow. "You now have some added protection!" She proudly adds.

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#94 [url]

Jun 16 17 4:17 AM

With a lucky roll Edgar(Attack of Opportunity) dodges the TImber Wolf's charge and successfully counter attacks dealing an amazing 13 piercing damage to the wolf as he side steps and jabs the Orc trained beast. The wolf falls limp next to Nelmara with a yelp as its eyes roll back in its head. The Orc Huntress screams from her defensive position as she breaks cover, drops her unloaded Long Rifle and draws Twin Harchets. Arlin stands defensively and wont be attacking the Grunt he is faced with. Kurgan stabs with his Blunderbuss and scores a 21 to hit in melee(17 +4) and scores 6 piercing damage(d6 roll of 4 + 2). His Orc is shed blood and a wild look spreads in her eyes as she flails at the Dwarf Scout and misses by a wide margin and looses some of her footing in the process(rolled a 1 for her this time LOL). Duncan again stabs his quarry and deals max damage of 15 (d12, 12 +3). His Orc is spilling its Intestines as it clutches its mid-section still willing to fight till death weakly jabs at Duncan and despite the Grunts earlier prowess falls short and tinging the Veterans plate armor. Nelmara's turn before Edgar and the next round.
All dice rolls are curtisy of
Stats for Horde NPC's taken from the Warcraft Hordes Players Guide p.196.

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