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May 5 17 11:53 AM

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A post Warcraft 3 d20 game with lots of custom material for players to enjoy or come up with there own. GM discretion of course.
Starting Faction is Alliance, Eastern Kingdoms (though a good backstory will often work if your race not is from there).
Starting level is 3, using a custom(IE more powerful) level progression system. 
Message ElixaTheDK before just dropping in the forum please.

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#3 [url]

May 7 17 1:02 PM

Arlin dawnrunnerCousin to the windrunner sistersInspired by the efforts of alleria during the second war and sylvanis afterwards.Joined the farstriders shortly after the second war.His first assignment was as sentinel over the trolls of Zul'AmonDue to the extreme range of the assignment he did not find out about the undead assault on Quel'thelas until after the fact.Stayed in Qual’thalas and did not participate in the majority of the third war.When jaina sent word of new settlements in kalimdor Arlin ecided that he needed to get away from the horrow that he saw and felt every time he looked on his beloved city. As an individual he is still horrorstruck that any force was able to simply march north and sack Quel'thelas. Arlin is now trying to come to grips with the mortality of his people that for so long he had thought almost immortal. That in part is why he is leaving Quel'thelas now, to try and find something that can restore his faith in his people. He doesn't believe that Kael'thas has the answer either.

 Arlin FardawnHigh elf scout 3M LN humanoid (elf)Init +4DEFENSEAC:  18 touch 14 flat-footed 14 (+4 armor, +4 dex,)HP: 20Saves: Fort+4  ref +7 Will +4Defensive abilities: +2 against mind affecting spells or affects, OFFENSESpeed:  30 ftMelee: longsword +5 (1d8+2 19-20 x2)Ranged: composite longbow +7 (1d8+2 x3)Special attacks: 
STR: 14 DEX: 18 CON: 13   INT: 19 WIS: 16 CHA: 13  BAB +2 
FEATS: point blank shot, precise shot, track, journeyman alchemy,SKILLS: 3 ranks herbalism, 1 rank craft weapons, 1 rank craft armor, 1 craft bows, 6 ranks craft alchemy, 6 ranks stealth, 6 ranks survival, knowledge nature 6 ranks, climb 6 ranks, spot 6 ranks, listen 6 ranks, heal 6 ranks, 5 ranks use rope,  1 ranks balance, Languages:  Common, Thalassian, Dwarven, Zan'Dali , Orcish, Low-Common,SQ: low light vision, magic addiction, ratial animosity, +2 concentration/spellcraft/knowledge(arcane) skill checks, nature sense, wild healing, woodland stride,=11.5pt Gear:masterwork composite longbow +2 600 gpmasterwork longsword, 315mithral chain shirt 1100 (family heirloom)2 tanglefoot bags 100 gp3 Potions of cure light wounds, 150 gp,2 vials of antitoxin, 100 gp3 flasks acid, 30 gp,1 alchemists fire 20 gp,100 ft silk rope 20 gp265 gp left

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#4 [url]

May 8 17 11:14 AM

I got a 22 on my fortitude roll as we see the other murlocs and the distance and try to speed up so that they can't cut us off from our desired path.

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#5 [url]

May 8 17 4:41 PM

The murlocs give up chace and your party fallows your example and powers through the wet landscape, sprinting to reach there destination. While the Murlocs have given up the chase your running attracts the attention of other denizens of the Wetlands. Your party is forced to halt as the very swamp comes alive ahead of you. Three Bogbeasts rise up out of the much and plants taking humanoid shape as they prepare to assault any intruders of there territory.
Do you ready to defend yourself or try to move past the plant creatures?

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#7 [url]

May 9 17 9:37 AM

Your Elven reflexes don't save youthis time as the Bogbeasts rush forward seemingly prepared for battle(19 on the initiative). However the first Bogbeast falls short of pummeling you with a Slam attack(17 to hit). The second however charges Kurgan and wallops him upside the head with a mossy fist as the thirds strike is paired by Duncan.

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#8 [url]

May 9 17 11:26 AM

I leap backward as I dodge out of the way of the oncoming fist. Drawing my bow as I move I fire an arrow at the central mass of the monster attempting to go for what ever might pass for a brain in this beast. (13 on the attack roll and 5 on damage)

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#9 [url]

May 9 17 12:08 PM

As you draw your bow you provoke an attack of opportunity from the bogbeast, with which he strikes you in the torso for 10 bludgeoning damage. Kurgan while on his back on the ground fires his blunderbuss point blank in the Bogbeasts chest, hitting the pnat monster for 8 damage while Duncan and Edgar fail entirely to hit there opponent. Edgar catches a swampy fist to the face and is stunned for the next 2 rounds while Duncan moves to a defensive stance.

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#10 [url]

May 9 17 12:10 PM

You do see however that the arrow you struck the Bogbeast with leaves it almost unharmed.
Kurgan tosses a torch your way and yells "There plants boyo, we need fire to beat these monsters back!"

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#12 [url]

May 9 17 1:58 PM

Your attackwith the torch misses, however the Bogbeast in front of you shows fear and takes a step back but no more as it grunts out its dipleasure with a wet snarl! Kurgan pulls himself up but takes another slam to the body for his efforts as he draws another torch for close quaarters combat instead of reloading his Blunderbuss, however this torch unlike the one he throw to you isnt lit. Duncan too catches a slam to the chest as the beast gets past his parry While Edgar succeeds in driving his sword home to the beasts torso and drives it deep however the plant creaturee shows resistance to the blow.

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#14 [url]

May 10 17 10:06 AM

Again you swing at the plant beast and miss however you drive it back another step, it shows fear at your hand held fire implement. Kurgan lites his torch and waves it around menincingly. Edgar catches a backhand from the bogbeast and lands nnext to you a dazed look on his face as his glassy eyes peer around confused. Duncan rises then rolls closer to you and Kurgan then shouts, "These monsters weather our blows like rain in a storm!" To twhich Kurgan replies. "Aye! They only fear fire, not us. Our weapons are nye useless against them!" Duncan then smiles and reaches behind him and pulls out a glass vile with a bubbling oraange liquid. "Glad I brought these then." He shows you and Kurgan his potion of 'Flashfire'.

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#15 [url]

May 10 17 3:59 PM

"OF COURSE!" Arlin shouts as he slaps himself in the forehead. I draw my own flask of alchemists fire and hurl it at the nearest beast. 20 on the attack roll and 5 on the damage roll.

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#16 [url]

May 10 17 7:39 PM

Your attck strikes true as you hit the bog beast and watch him ignite like a candle despite his swampy nature. Your alchemist flames deal double damge to the beast as it fails its reflex roll(4) to put out the flames and he it keeps burning. Kurgan begins to load a special round in his blunderbuss as Duncan throws his vial at the second beast and almost misses but chatches the creatures leg as it too begins to engulf in the alchemical fires. Edgar watches slack jawed as the beasts ingnite. The third bogbeast however roars in rage and charges Duncan and hits him hard taking him off the ground hit a heavy hit for 10 damage.

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#17 [url]

May 10 17 8:00 PM

If the beast that the doused with my alchemist's fire is still standing I will swing my torch at it again for a 17 to hit and a 4 to damage. If the beast has fallen then I will advance on the one that has not been hit yet and swing at that one instead.

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#18 [url]

May 10 17 8:47 PM

You fell the flaming bogbeast as Kurgan finishes loading his blunderbuss and fires a phospherous round which explodes into a mini qoute of dragons breath at the second bogbeast. The beast fails its reflex roll and contues to burn into a smolding pile of mulch similiar to the first. The third however leaves Duncan as he passes into unconciousness afteer the beating as Edgar snaps back into it and bstands, however his rise provokes an attack of opportunity from the beast who slams him again for 6 damage. 

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#19 [url]

May 11 17 3:16 PM

I will charge at the remaining elemental with the torch in hand. 21 to hit and 6 points on the damage roll as I bring the torch in a wide arcing overhead swing.

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#20 [url]

May 12 17 8:59 AM

Your charge catchs the palnt beast by surprise, your strike hits home as you whack the creature across the face, again dealing double damage for a fire based attack. zth bog beast makes a reflex save and succeeds(18) to avoid being lit on fre again but it crumbles into ash is it rises from what little damage it took earlier combined with your torch damage. 
1013xp. Make a search check to exam the remains or a Spot check to examine your immediate surroundings(upto 90 ft in the fog) for danger. Survival rolls can be made after to check the environment for reagents.
Duncan coughs u some blood as he collapses from the beating he took. Kurgan strap his blunderbuss to his back as he removes his sack and pulls out some red potions and bandages. Edgar falls to his knees and is breathing hard. 

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