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#21 [url]

May 12 17 9:34 PM

I roll an 18 on my spot check to look for any other dangers nearby. then I am going to use my wild healing class ability, with an 18 on the survival check to find the necessary materials, and a 19 on the heal check for Duncan to recover some hit points. After Duncan has been cared for I will examine the bodies of the bog beasts to see I there is anything useful among them, 12 on search check.

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#22 [url]

May 12 17 9:43 PM

Since your rolls take time all together, Kurgan and Edgar set up a small campsite. Kurgan tends to Duncan while you gather materials from the swamp. In the distance you can hear the waves rashing against the shore, the seagulls crying out overhead and omnious snarls out past your field of vision but nothing more. You find some moss and Sage from which you can combine with dangaes to make a decent healing item. With your roll you heal duncan for 4 pts of damage which is enough to get him back on his feet with Kurgans first aid providing an additional 6 pts. He's wobbily but able to stand on his own but wont be able to run long distance and keep the bandages on. After you tend to Duncan Edgar assists with search the smoldering remians of the Bogbeasts. You find 200 silver coins, 5 Gold and an intactc pair of Gloves from one of them. (Appraise check).
With your survival roll and the map your able to pinpoint your position as being about three quarters of the way there and about two more hours by foot at a steady pace.

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#23 [url]

May 12 17 11:21 PM

So wild healing actually works little differently, it heals one hit point per point above ten on the heal check, So it actually heals him for 9 hit points.

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#26 [url]

May 14 17 11:02 AM

Alright now that everyone Is back on our feet we will set off in the direction of the mountains again. However I am going to reduce the pace considerably to use my wild healing ability again on my self this time. I rolled an 18 on the survival check to gather materials, another 18 on my healing check to reduce my own bruising and inflammation (healed 8 point of health). That takes an hour to do so after that we pick up the pace to try and make up lost time.

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#27 [url]

May 14 17 12:37 PM

After some time you can see clearer. The rain has stopped and the clouds begin to part. The land steadily grows less moist and you begin to come across drier grassy fields. In the distance you can see smoke rising.

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#28 [url]

May 14 17 10:14 PM

After some time you can see clearer. The rain has stopped and the clouds begin to part. The land steadily grows less moist and you begin to come across drier grassy fields. In the distance you can see smoke rising.

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#29 [url]

May 15 17 2:26 AM

Nelmara, a young gnome with a thirst for knowledge and adventure, recently has found herself traveling outside her home of Gnomeregan driven to uncover a secert magic that is fairly new to the world of Azeroth. Since her childhood she has studied the mystical arts of arcane magic from her father and has shown great potential.

Tho the gnomes assisted the humans in the First and Second War, Nelmara never experianced the combat of war due to her young age and her studies in the use of magic. After the troggs ransacked her home during the Third War, the gnomes desperately needed more fire power but due to the lack of resources the battle wasn't looking to favorable for the gnomes. Nelmara took it upon herself to find a way to win at any cost. With rumors of a more powerful and darker form of magic, Nelmara's curiosity sparked and without notice she abandoned her homeland to learn of this magic in hopes of exterminating what remains of her enemies.

During her travels she has met a handful of human wizards who have taught her as much as they have gathered. They directed her to the north where the humans there are even more attuned to magic, thanks to the elven people, in hopes of mastering fel magic. After a long day of traveling north with haste,

Nelmara had decided to set up camp in a relatively safe area to warm up and have a nice lunch. She has learned the creatures here do not appreciate her fire spells and is confident enough in her abilities to stand against them but for now, she rests.

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#30 [url]

May 15 17 3:17 AM

At the sight of smoke I signal the other three to fall back and approach the source of the smoke quietly. 23 on stealth check to approach quietly and unseen.

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#31 [url]

May 15 17 8:17 AM

It is late in the day when four soldiers from the Garrison of Menethil Harbor spot smoke in the distance after there skirmish with a trio of plant creatures. Alrin, a High Elf Scout from Quel'Thalas, Kurgan a surly foul mouthed and short tempered Dwarf Scout and there two Human companions Duncan and Edgar. Duncan a seasoned veteran of the second and what is being called the third war and Edgar a young a fresh footman from even further south. The quartet finds the smoke led to a small campsite occupied by what appears to be a child. Arlin who ventures closer to inspect the youth finds that it is no child at all but an adult female Gnome dressed in purple robes with a slight whiff of the Arcane about her.

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#32 [url]

May 16 17 1:55 AM

I approach cautiously to about 10 yards within the fire, off the side of the gnome's line of sight, and call out when I do so. "what's a gnome such as yourself doing out here? and traveling alone no less? These parts are not safe for anyone to be traveling alone through."

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#33 [url]

May 16 17 9:48 AM

Startled by the unexpected vistors, Nelmara jumps up on her feet and turns to the direction of the party. She examines them for a brief moment to determine if they maybe a threat to her before a smile appears across her face.

"Salutations to you! But no need to worry about me."

She takes a closer look and notices these men are obvious fighters that appear to have recently encountered a struggle.

"Is there an immediate threat nearby?" She questions the elf as she inches closer to her personal items.

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#34 [url]

May 16 17 12:08 PM

"Not anymore. We encountered a fee bog beasts a few hours ago, but they were summarily dealt with. But you still haven't answered my question, everyone is supposed to be making their way to the for to prepare for the trip to theramore so why are you out here?"

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#35 [url]

May 16 17 1:53 PM

Nelmara cocked her head to the side slightly as she answered the elf, "I am not currently traveling to Theramore. I actually seek the City of Dalaran. Is there a some event taking place in Theramore?" She asks curiously, as is natural for her race.

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#37 [url]

May 16 17 2:39 PM

Arlin will step forward and look down somberly at the gnome. "Then you have not heard the news. Dalaran was sacked by the undead hordes. Only shortly after they had finished destroying my own people in the city of Qual'thelas."

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#38 [url]

May 18 17 7:00 AM

Her eyes widen at the newly found news and worry fills her face. "W-what is happening? I'm not sure if I understand." She pauses for the second "I'm sorry for your lose" She adds still with her eyes looking down. Pondering what to do next.

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#39 [url]

May 18 17 12:03 PM

"Gnomergan has been cut off from the news for too long. The world has seen drastic changes in the last two years. As far as I know there is nothing left of Dalaran after the archfiend raised it to the ground." I will step forward again and crouch down next to the fire. "lorderan is no more. The king, Terenas menethil was murdered by his son Arthas. Arthas then proceeded to ransack all of the northern kingdoms including Dalaran and Quel'thals. There is nothing left for you in the north."

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#40 [url]

May 18 17 8:48 PM

The news of Dalarans fate hits the young Gnomess like a ton of bricks. Dashing her dreams before they even had a chance to blossum.

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