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May 20 17 12:53 PM

Nelmara turns to the elf after a moment of silence, "If there are any survivors, would they be heading to this place named Theramore to seek refugee?" She asks.

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May 20 17 1:01 PM

"It's a distinct possibility. I know Jaina Proudmore is there, she was the one who sent word that she was constructing a settlement for survivors of the war. I would not be surprised if some of the mages head that direction." He eyes the gnome up and down. "How much magic do you know already?"

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#43 [url]

May 21 17 3:38 AM

Nelmara straights up and answers the question rather quickly and with a hint of excitement "Well I know quite a bit! My father is a great mage that taught me well. I mean I'm still learning but I am confident enough in my abilities to hold my own." She proudly says.

She bends overs to pick up her backpack and spellbook that was already laid out by her campfire . "I'd be more then happy to accompany you all to Theramore! I mean if that's where you are indeed heading too... and if that is no trouble of course." She adds realizing how rude that may of been.

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#44 [url]

May 21 17 7:39 AM

A dwarf with a dark red beard wearing a blue cloak steps forward and introduces himself as Kurgan to the she Gnome before going on to say " Your assistance in our endeavours would surely be appreciated, lass." The dwarf then pulls back his hood before continuing. "Just one thing you should be made aware of. We seem to have a wee bit of aye Orc problem that were on our way to handle."

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#45 [url]

May 21 17 7:54 AM

The gnomish girl turned her attention to Kurgan as he introduced himself. "Orcs..." She has heard of the Orcs thru her studies of dark magic but has never had the chance to encounter such a creature. She paused for a moment to analyze his words and recall what knowledge she remembered of the Orcs before suddenly realizing she neglected to give her name to these strangers. "Oh, silly me. Due to the sudden strike of unfortunate news I forgotten to introduce myself. Nelmara Fizzlestorm is the name! And what kind of problem are we looking at with the Orcs?"

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#46 [url]

May 21 17 10:24 AM

"They have been attacking attacking travelers on the eastern road fo a time now. We were sent from the fort to facilitate their withdrawal. As it is we have only a few hours travel before we expect to find them." Arlin glances eastward as he pauses in thought. "Yes, I believe your presence would vastly improve our odds against the orcs. However I must ask, have you ever been in a combat situation before? Did you face any troggs yourself?"

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#47 [url]

May 21 17 5:37 PM

Nelmara nods slowly at Arlin's question. "My people are currently under attack by the Troggs for quite sometime. My father is a great Arcanist and has been training me ever since I was a small...well, smaller girl. I've mostly just studied and practiced the simpler spells! I must admit my knowledge of the subject is much greater than my combat experiance."

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#48 [url]

May 21 17 6:48 PM

"Very well. I am sure your spells will prove useful against the orcs. Come, we should get moving so that we may catch the beasts before they attack another convey."

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#49 [url]

May 22 17 3:07 AM

Nelmara nods at Arlin with a smile with some new found hope in her own personal mission. She puts out the fire and makes sure all of her belongings are accounted for before she joins up with the rest of the group.

"All set and ready to go!" She says cheerfully. No Orcs will get in her way she thinks to herself.

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#50 [url]

May 22 17 12:39 PM

Alright. We will return to the path we had been blazing before we saw Nelmara's fire and make for the valley that the orcs have been raiding.

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#51 [url]

May 22 17 8:42 PM

The party journeys for merely an hour as the day stretches on. The skies grow clearer but new scents and sound's are carried in the wind. Burning pures and the stench of death are in the air as faint drums can be heard as your group of now five finds the road to the southern pass. You pass alliance soldiers dead in the mud face down with great wounds in there corpeses. Crude arrows stuck in the bodies aswell as the signs of grisly trophies taken from the dead. Search or Survival rolls.

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#52 [url]

May 23 17 1:49 AM

Shocked by the sight, Nelmara grows quiet and cautiously looks around the area as she scoots closer to behind Arlin for protection. She tries to find any sign of life whether it be friendly or not. (Search - 17)

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#53 [url]

May 23 17 2:23 AM

Arlin moves forward to examine the bodies. (16 on heal check to determine how long the bodies have been.) While I examine the bodies I look for any identification there might be to bring news back to their families (7 on the search check for ID) As I look around I will examine the ground to try and find a trail to track the orcs back to their camp. (25 on survival check to find them.)

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#54 [url]

May 23 17 7:43 PM

Nelmara finds no signs of life. The Alliance soldiers whos heads werent caved in or hacked open have had there heads chopped off. In contrast there are several fallen orcs amoung the dead but unlike the Alliance fallen there all on there backs with the several allince weapons, swords, maces and shileds layed atop of them with there bodies turned into smoldering pyres. The massive orc corpeses appear to have been given a warriors funeral in some sort of greenskin tradition while the allince bodies have been looted of all coin and dismemebered for trophies. Arlin was abble to deduce through his expertise that this fight happened early in the morning, perhaps around first light. Only Orc tracks are found to have left the skirimish heading north to the rocky cliffs. An area where Ogres have been reported. The size of the foot prints also reveals the size and weight of the orc warband and while the largest are alo heavy indictating plate or similiarly heavy armored there are tracks both light and smaller indictating greenskin adolesents amoung the number. This appears to have been a traing exercise for the this clan.

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#55 [url]

May 25 17 2:21 AM

After examining the bodies I will turn to the others. "this is exactly what we came here to stop. It is too late for us to help these men, but we can prevent this from happening again. From the looks of things here we are looking at high odds but that's nothing we aren't used to. We can follow these tracks straight to their camp and formulate a plan once we know exactly what we're up against."

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#58 [url]

May 27 17 7:16 AM

Nelmara tries to keep pace with the taller men as we track down the Orcs. She keeps hold of her spellbook close to her chest with her arms crossed as she nervously looks around. Once she hits the country side she gazes around to find any signs of these creatures. (15 spot)

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#60 [url]

May 27 17 11:24 PM

Nelamara grabs Arlin before he walks out into the open, stopping him from exposing himself as the party approaches within 200 feet of the perimtere wall of what appears to be some sort of spiked wall barricade crudely erected in the road. Two well muscled Orc warriors, one male one female, stand sentry out side of the entrance. A ten feet wide gap in the 20 foot high barricade. Smoke rises in black plumes from the Orcs camp and horrible smeels woft down wind from it. The loud gathering of Orcs can be heard as the yell and roar even from the distance your group is at.

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