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Much like Magtheridon was inspired by the WoW TCG Raid Deck Magtheridon's Lair, now I'm being inspired by the Black Temple Raid Deck as well, so I thought I'd have a go at making at least some of the bosses involved (I'm not sure if I am confident to make up statistics for Illidan or Teron Gorefiend, but others that aren't major lore characters should be fine).

So far, I haven't gotten down to truly inventing rules, stats, and encounter write-ups, but here's my notes for two so far: The Reliquary of Souls, and the Illidari Council.


The Reliquary of Souls

The Reliquary of Souls is not a boss as such, but three separate 'bosses' that all share the one form, as three separate faces on different faces of a large crystal.

These different entities are the Essence of Suffering, the Essence of Desire, and the Essence of Anger.

Only one Essence is active at a time, while the other two are completely immune to damage. In a way, the battle could be described as the party destroying the object they are embedded into, and that a different Essence becomes active as it suffers more damage.

Game Specifics

The Reliquary of Lost Souls is both a Construct and an Outsider (Demon) with the [Evil] subtype. In this way, it counts as a Construct for most purposes, but is also affected by spells and abilities that affect only Demons (such as Demonhunter special abilities).

The Reliquary is a Huge creature, and moves by hovering slowly each round. It attacks by 'slamming' its target with its body.

It is Immune to all things both Constructs and Demons are immune to, but cannot be dismantled like most Constructs.

Its Attack, Damage, AC, Initiative, Special Qualities and Attacks, and its Feats change with each Essence. Only its HP (which is considered only a 3rd of its total each time) and Ability scores remain the same.

Initially the Essence of Suffering is active. When it is reduced to 0 (zero) HP, it turns grey and no longer acts. Excess damage is ignored, as the Reliquary is temporarily shielded.

While shielded, a number of 'Enslaved Souls' (Medium Undead, perhaps Wraiths with higher HD or various warriors with the Ghost template) attack. All must be destroyed before the Reliquary is vulnerable again.

After the shield drops, the Essence of Desire becomes active. When it is also reduced to 0 (zero) HP, the above repeats again.

Finally, the Essence of Anger becomes active. With its defeat, the Reliquary drops and shatters.

Essence of Suffering

The Essence of Suffering is, in a way, the weakest of the 3 Essences. It has roughly the same Attack as the Essence of Desire, and hits only slight harder (1 damage step higher). On the other hand, it lacks the same ability to deal damage with its special attacks.

The Essence of Suffering will always attack the creature closest to him at the start of the round, even if another moves closer before the Essence attacks. If two or more creatures tied for distance, randomize at the beginning of the round.

It is important to note that none of the Essence of Suffering's attacks may cause a critical hit.

Aura of Suffering: All enemies with 100ft of the Reliquary cannot be healed in any way (this includes spells, potions, class features, and Fast Healing), count as Flat-footed through the entire fight, and ignores all Armour and Deflection AC bonuses. Therefore, their AC when fighting the Essence of Suffering is (10 + Natural Armour + Size Modifiers). Any additional AC granted through special combat abilities by Feats or Class Features (such as Combat Expertise) works as normal.

Enrage: The Essence of Suffering may Enrage as a free action. For the current round and the next 2 rounds, it deals an additional 50% damage with its Slam attack, and may make an additional attack at its highest Attack bonus. After the 3 rounds the Enrage is active, it must wait another 7 rounds before it can activate it again. (ie. every minute, it Enrages for roughly 18 seconds, the proper encounter Enrages for 15 seconds, and then must wait another 45)

Soul Drain: Once every 10 rounds, the Essence of Suffering casts Soul Drain on 1d4 random targets within 100ft as an Attack action. These targets suffer XdY damage each round for 5 rounds, and lose a number of spell levels equal to each full 10 damage suffered (starting with the highest level spell slot). This effect can be dispelled (the check will be against a DC determined by the Essence's HD and Charisma).

Essence of Desire

The Essence of Desire has the lowest Attack and physical Damage of the 3 Essences. However, it also counts as an Arcanist of a level equal to its HD.

Aura of Desire: All creatures that cause damage to the Essence of Desire suffer 50% of the damage they dealt (this damage deals the same type of damage). All creatures, friend and foe, within 100ft of the Reliquary cast all healing spells and spell-like abilities as though they were Empowered, but they do not take up higher spell slots.
At the beginning of each round, all spellcasters must make a Will save. Those who fail lose one of their remaining highest level spell slots.

Deaden: This may be used once every 1d6 rounds as a free action, and is used on a random target within 100ft. That target suffers double damage from all attacks until the following round.

Spirit Shock: This may be used once every 1d6 rounds as an attack action, and has a maximum range of 100ft. The chosen target suffers XdY damage, and is unable to act on its following turn.

Rune Shield: The Rune Shield affects the Essence of Suffering, although it may be stolen or dispelled as a magical effect. The Shield absorbs up to X amount of damage before breaking, or until 3 rounds have passed. During the Shield's duration, all of the affected creature's spells may be cast as though Quickened, without taking a higher level spell slot, but are limited to one spell per turn. After the 3 rounds end (whether or not it was broken before that time), the Rune Shield may not be used for another 7 rounds.

Essence of Anger

The Essence of Anger has the highest Attack and Damage of all 3 Essences.

Aura of Anger: Each round, all creatures within 100ft of the Reliquary suffer 1d6 fel/shadow damage. Make a note of who has suffered this damage. Each following round a creature takes damage, it deals another 1d6 damage extra (1d6 the 1st round, 2d6 the 2nd, 3d6 the 3rd, etc.). Even if the creature moves further than 100ft away, if it re-enters the area without the Essence of Anger becoming deactive, it continues to take increased damage from earlier rounds (eg. a creature who has suffered damage for 3 rounds move out of the area, but if the creature returns during that same battle, it would take 4d6 damage the following round).
However, all damage dealt by creatures within the area of effect deals an additional 1 damage per dice rolled per round they have suffered damage (eg. if a creature has suffered damage for 4 rounds, and they use an attack that deals 5d6 damage, they would deal 5d6 + 20 damage, 5 dice x 4 round)

Seethe: Each round, record who has dealt the most damage to the Essence of Anger. In the following round, the Essence of Anger must attack that creature if able, and deals an additional 50% damage against that target for the round (excluding by Aura of Anger).

Soul Scream: Once every 1d6 rounds, the Essence of Anger can use Soul Scream as an attack action. All creatures in a 30ft cone suffer XdY sonic damage, and suffer the loss of spell levels equal to each full 10 damage they are dealt (starting with the highest remaining spell slot).

Spite: Spite may be used as a free action, and affects 3 random targets within 100ft. The round this is used, those targets become immune to damage, and all spells and effects. The following round, they automatically lose half of their remaining HP. The following round after that, they again become immune to damage, and all spells and effects. This ability cannot be used for another 7 rounds after its duration ends.

Enslaved Souls

While the specifics haven't been chosen yet, all Enslaved Souls will heal all creatures within 15 feet, and cause the recovery of 1d6 spell levels, when they are slain. Maybe they heal damage equal to the total damage they would suffer from the killing blow?

The Illidari Council

The Illidari Council consists of 4 members, Lady Malande, High Nethermancer Zerevor, Gathios the Shatterer, and Veras Darkshadow.

They each fight together, and their bodies are linked through magical means.

Game Specifics

All 4 of the Illidari Council members are Blood Elves.

Malande is a Priest, Zerevor is a Mage, Gathios is a Blood Knight (Paladin), and Veras is a Rogue (or Combatant Rogue or Duelist). Their HD will be the same as each other's.

All 4 share their HP, so when 1 takes damage, reduce their total HP by that amount, and none of them will die until their collective HP drops below 0 (the shock is too much for their bodies).

Lady Malande

Casts an Empowered Smite as a spell-like ability (Does this spell exist in the RPG? If not, I'll make it a special attack that is used as though a spell-like ability).

Also casts Mass healing spells as spell-like abilities.

Divine Wrath: Random target within range, deals XdX Holy damage, and an additional 10% of that damage the following round.

Reflective Shield: Cast on herself. Absorbs X damage before breaking (or until 3 rounds have passed), and deals 50% of the damage dealt back to the source. Must wait 1d3 + 5 rounds before it can be used again.

High Nethermancer Zerevor

Has a number of spell-like abilities, including Flamestrike, Blizzard, Arcane Missiles, and Arcane Explosion.

Dampen Magic: Cast of self every 1d6 rounds. Reduces all damage suffered from spells and spell-like abilities, and Force damage, by 50%. Also reduces healing received by 50%. Lasts 2 rounds.

Gathios the Shatterer

Gathios only uses 2 auras, Devotion Aura and the Chromatic Resistance Aura.

Chromatic Resistance Aura: Works like Devotion Aura, only that it gives Resistance to Fire, Cold, Electricity, Force, and Sonic damage equal to 3 times the armour that would be granted by Devotion Aura.

Consecration: Has a 5 round cooldown after it ends before it can be used again. All enemies within 10 feet suffer XdY Holy damage at the beginning of each round, for 3 rounds. Counts as a move action.

Seal of Blood: Used on himself as a free action. All of his melee attacks deal an extra 50% damage as Holy damage for the next 5 rounds. He must wait 5 more rounds after it ends before he can use it again.

Judgment: Used on the last target to suffer Holy damage from Seal of Blood. The Seal of Blood is immediately ended, granting no more benefits until used again. The target takes XdY Holy damage every round for the next 3 rounds.

Blessing of Protection / Spell Warding: Every 5 rounds, Gathios may bestow this Blessing on one of his allies as a free action. The Blessing lasts for 5 rounds. When bestowed, Gathios must choose which version of the Blessing he wishes to grant. Blessing of Protection makes the target immune to physical damage for the duration. Blessing of Spell Warding makes the target immune to all harmful spells for the duration.

Veras Darkshadow

Both of Veras's weapons are coated in poison, which reduces the Stamina of the those affected.

Envenom: This ability is automatically triggered every time Veras is capable of Backstabbing a target suffering from a poison. The poison's effect is automatically improved by 1 (ie. if it caused 4 points of Strength damage, it would increase to 5 points), and the extra damage caused by the Backstab is doubled.

Vanish: Veras may use Vanish as a free action. He immediately becomes Invisible until he causes a hostile action, suffers damage, or chooses to end it. After the effect is removed, he must wait 1d6 rounds to use it again.

So what are your thoughts on my notes so far? I know its a real wall of text, but that's what you get

I'll probably work on the Illidari Council first, as they will be easier to do considering they are just Blood Elves with normal classes, just special abilities.[/b]